January 9, 2011

BT Video: Holy Other - YR Love

Padmasambhava's Tibetan Book of the Dead (8th century) is a funerary text that guides readers through the experience of our consciousness between death and our next rebirth.

Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void (2009) is a fucked-up psychedelic melodrama that guides viewers through the experience of a recently-deceased drug dealer before (and after) his "great liberation" in subterranean Tokyo.

Holy Other's YR Love (2010) is a white-light liturgy that guides listeners through the experience of a shaman's DMT homebrew trip, a spiritual understanding you will learn and forget for eternity.

I figured it might be good to give these a spin together. This video contains heavy drug use and strippers. Enjoy.

full screen version is better
get the mp3 at GvB

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