April 24, 2007

Alec Baldwin Records Jay-Z Mashup

Ever the savvy self-publicist, Golden Globe Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin has leaked an underground recording of himself spitting hot fury over a Jay-Z beat. Although the subject of the song is unknown, the lyrics indicate it was intended as a "diss" track aimed at one or several female rivals.

The eldest of the legendary brothers Baldwin is now considered a dangerous triple threat in the entertainment industry; combining world-famous acting chops with perfect hair and a buttery flow. Only minutes after the leak (via Tracy Jordan), Alec's varied use of expletives and discriminatory langauge towards women had netted several contract offers from top hip hop executives.

No word yet from NBC executives on their latest outspoken star scandal; and Baldwin could not be reached for comment as he was spending time with family.

Enjoy this Butter Team exclusive:
Alec Baldwin - 99 Baldwins (Straighten Your Ass Out)

And it's a little messed up, but if you're the visual type:
99 Baldwins (Straighten Your Ass Out) Video


Anonymous said...

thats good stuff. "I want to tell you something"

Anonymous said...

that's apparently a call to his 11 year-old daughter. basinger leaked it to kill his custody shot.

Anonymous said...

Captain Butterteam combines his two loves

Anonymous said...

I am in lust with this remix!

Anonymous said...

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