April 25, 2007

Tokyo Police Club Snack, Talk with Labels

Rumor has it that the boyz from TPC are drawing interest from top indie clans including Saddle Creek. But before breaking out the big pen and signing on Troy Perkin's dad's back (poor Goonies reference), they snuck into your apartment while you were at work and ate everything. You know that massive sangwich you were going to devastate during American Idol? Sorry son. You know that Dove "Unconditional Chocolate" ice cream you were going to, etc.

If TPC's Lesson in Crime EP wet your appetite for a proper full length, consider these unreleased live tracks a shitty apertif.

Tokyo Police Club - Your English (live)
Tokyo Police Club - Graves (live)
Tokyo Police Club - Cut Cut Paste (live)
Tokyo Police Club - New Song (live)