May 27, 2007

Quite A Fiasco: Kanye Punks Thom York, Daft Punk, Peter Bjorn and John

Please excuse me but I got to ask, are you f-ing kidding? Kids, no beats are sacred from the diabolical digis of Lupe Fiasco and his crescenfresh crew. Spine Magazine posted the track below with Lupe, Kanye and Pharrell flowing steadily over the previously soothing piano drone of Yorke's "The Eraser." Now look, you've upset Thom.

Lupe Fiasco - US Placers (featuring Pharrell and Kanye West)

Evidently the magical hip hop sample well's run dry as a bone, as Kanye is voraciously copping indie rock staples for his upcoming album Graduation and a new mixtape. But nothing boosts bootleg sales n' street cred like the cheery Swedish whistlings of Peter Bjorn & John; Vegas had better odds on this ending up in a Tampax commercial.

The Butter Team crew also takes slight offense at the Daft Punk sample, as it's überweak. Hopefully they kick his ass in the video (just a news link).

Just a snippet, you can't handle the whole thing:
Kanye West - Stronger (Daft Punk sample)
Kanye West - Young Folks (PB&J sample)

Props to our DC counterparts All Things Go for the samples. The good news from all this is that according to Kanye's Mom, "Graduation is his best album ever - musically as well as lyrically," so. We see why.

And while we're listening to bad mashups, please to enjoy this Butter Team exclusive from THE pop culture event of April 2007:
Alec Baldwin - 99 Baldwins (Straighten Your Ass Out)

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Me said...

This is just wrong! Kanye...step away from the good music that is still out there!!! Don't ruin talented artists beats just because people are over you.