May 26, 2007

Strike A Pose To Blonde Redhead, Then Enter The Choose Your Own Adventure Contest!

Me and you and everyone we know all enjoy a good Blonde Redhead song, especially our Hell's Kitchen correspondents from Saja. But Miranda July, who poses 306 times in the 2nd video from their 7th album, 23, is prolly their number 1 fan.

Blonde Redhead - Top Ranking

Blonde Redhead - Top Ranking

Buy 23 at Insound.
Buy Miranda July's book from this site made up entirely of magic markers on kitchen appliances.

Oh, plus Choose Your Own Adventure is awesome.
You might still have some of their books from the old days. But what if you live for zany adventures, hate reading with a passion and/or are lazy? Listen to this snippet from CYOA Episode #1, The Abonimal Snowman, now available via audio so you don't have to make all those stressful decisions. You head to the Himalaya in search of the mythical abominable snowman. But when your climbing partner Carlos goes missing, things get twisted:

Choose Your Own Adventure: For Lazy People

Imagine the amazing journeys you could have on the subway every morning while all the other suckers have to listen to boring music. They would know you're in the middle of a wild and crazy audio adventure, and they would be jealous. This version alone has 28 possible endings, 13 Yeti sightings, 1 helicopter crash, 2 alien encounters and one Unicorn sighting, so.

Special Butter Team Contest -

Nominate your favorite Choose Your Own Adventure book and tell us why it's a classic. Or you may create a NEW CYOA title and give us a description (bonus points for bad drawings). We will send the winner a copy of our favorite CYOA book signed by Alec Baldwin!*

Here's the cheat sheet.

Use the comments section to enter and be sure to leave some way we can notify the winner in the next few weeks (note: if no one else has commented yet, your chances of winning are strong to very strong). And please, folks, don't spoil all the endings.

*Authenticity of Alec Baldwin signature not guaranteed.


Unknown said...

I am going to take this in a slightly differenet direction. I have always been a fan of "Mutiny on the Bounty," by William Bligh (1790). The movies have taught us to see Captain Bligh as a villain and the mutineers as justified, but Bligh's own account, naturally, tells a different story. Once the rebellious sailors force Bligh and 18 loyal crew members onto the Bounty's 23-foot longboat, it becomes a remarkable survival story: an open-boat voyage of nearly 4,000 miles on a scrap of bread and a half cup of water per man per day. Who needs the Zone diet. Anyway, it's a great read and worth the time on the beach and also would be a good place to rest your Corona Light as not to get sand stuck to the bottom of your cold bottle. Overview of the book mostly borrowed from National

Anonymous said...

So... Call me a total dork, but even after growing up to be 25 years old, getting married, and moving into a cramped little apartment with very little shelf space, I still have three classic CYOA books on my shelf within arms reach. Lame huh? Right between Bradbury's "Illustrated Man" and "To Kill a Mocking Bird" rests 'Mutiny in Space', 'Smoke Jumper', and 'The Worst Day of Your Life'. R.A.Montgomery is the best writer of the group, so 'Mutiny in Space' has always been my favorite, but busting through 'Worst Day' is fun from time to time. Sweet!

Me said...

We at Saja do love our Blonde Redhead! This video is perfect...Thanks for the tribute Butterteam! Now, because of the fact that I was born in the early 80's I cannot comment on this "CYOA," but I will make an effort to check it out.

Z said...

"Mutiny in Space" was the correct answer, so you win.