June 4, 2007

Camera Obscura Challenges Belle and Sebastian To Scottish Twee Deathmatch

Not really, not at all. But while we're all Belle and Sebastian whores, one should stop Peanuts dancing and playing "find the cobra" with the chambermaids to enjoy the even lighter pop fare of Scottish peers Camera Obscura, now touring in a hoody near you.

Please to enjoy these live sets from KEXP to help us decide who should be the rightful popweight champion:

Belle and Sebastian - Live on KEXP
Camera Obscura - Live on KEXP

For the tiebreaker, who has the corniest (= best) video? The B&S boys and girl deliver hardcore mullets and fornication on the copier while the Cam-O crew comes correct in lab coats and horn rims.

Belle and Sebastian - Step Into My Office Baby

Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan

So who wins?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

CO wins by KO.
with less production at that.