June 16, 2007

Mylo Licks Toto

Mylo (captured here holding his mysterious bag of beats) left us a nice ditty to marinate on whilst awaiting the proper follow up to Destroy Rock & Roll. "Most of the time, when I sample something it's meant as a compliment. The only track I ever really got burned on was a track called 'Salt Lick,'" Mylo told The Age back in 2005.

"[It] isn't on the album and never got released. I spent a lot of time trying to get clearance from Toto, but they completely blanked it...the whole point of it was taking the piss out of the source material. I can imagine they would have really, really hated it."

The InterWeb says a salt lick is a salt deposit that animals regularly lick, so, that should explain how it relates to Scottish bedroom electronica. Please to enjoy:

Mylo - Salt Lick

And here's the original Toto song Mylo was kind enough to rescue. We recommend you do not listen to this:

Toto - Stop Loving You (not safe for work or if you're around anyone)

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If you listened to the Toto track even after we asked you not to, go here for help.


Slumrat said...

Not very good quality salt lick. I would love to find a proper copy of this track!

PrimeTime said...

I must say that I've been looking for this track for quite a while... I heard it on Mylo's MySpace, and never saw anything of it since... now I understand why thanks to your post.

PrimeTime said...
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