August 15, 2007

C-C-Can't Stop The Danish Bum Rush (Highline Ballroom)

Go Junior, go Senior, go naked sumo wrestler bonging stellas during the Gravy Train opener. Go poshy doo wop section. Go hot bassist GO.

During the 5-10 seconds we could look away from the smokey vocalist (or smokalist, left) who froze like Andrew McCarthy's girlfriend 'tween songs, we noticed the dirty Danes did indeed rock heavy king koncrete. JD from Le Tigre jumped in to sing on Can I Get Get, video below. World history:

2003 - Junior Senior brings dancing hot dogs via Move Your Feet from debut album D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat
2004 - Estelle Getty celebrates the 13th anniversary of her cameo on Blossom, 17th anniversary of her role as Mrs. Timkin, department store owner in Mannequin
2005 - Junior Senior release Hey Hey My My Yo Yo overseas
2006 - Seaver family celebrates six year anniversary of The Growing Pains Movie, discusses next steps
2007- Hey Hey My My Yo Yo drops!

Junior Senior - Can I Get Get
Junior Senior - Happy Rap
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)

You've seen this already, we hope. Watch it again:

More photos from Highline Ballroom here. Gravy Train was one of the worst/best/funniest openers we've seen in awhile.

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