August 1, 2007

Cut Copy - Glittering Clouds Vinyl EP

Mad props to ourselves for digging up this 2001 vinyl gem whilst searching for something to hold us over until the next Cut Copy album drops. You may detect a trace of Aussie telepathy via Since I Left You, which, by all means.

Side 1:
Glittering Clouds

Side 2:
Standing Up Sitting Down
Nine Summertime

In this time of violent drive biking and foreign embassy mutherflipping, sometimes you need to just reserve your favorite cassingle from the library and lay up in the cut with a golden delicious.

Cut Copy - That Was Just A Dream (live)
Cut Copy - Saturday>Rendezvous (live)

Stay textually active with Cut Copy at their Myspace.


Ryan said...

NICE find...i have been a huge fan of these guys ever since their debut came out back in 2003. can't wait till their next album.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a huge fan of Cut Copy, but my favorite stuff of theirs is their earliest stuff (drop the bomb, for instance). Great find, sounds ill