September 19, 2007

Best of Baltimore Awards, Double Dagger @ Hampden Fest

Baltimore Taper Jeff Mewbourn and the Beatbots A/V team offer the audio from Double Dagger's Hampden Fest performance this weekend. Get it here.

And this is awkward, three days after we feature Double D's politically supercharged "Luxury Condos for the Poor," City Paper names it Best Song 2007 in their annual Best of Baltimore roundup. So cheers to Nolen, Bruce and Denny for the accolades, as we understand this honor also includes a power brunch with Sheila Dixon.

Double Dagger - Hampden Fest 9/15/07 (stream or download)

Other Best of Baltimore winners:

Best Solo Artist - OCDJ (more)
Best Live Band - Ponytail (Death Set won last year)
Best Local Album - Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings (more)
Best Singer/Songwriter - Lizz King
Best Online Arts Community - Beatbots
Best Label - Creative Capitalism

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