September 12, 2007

Rad II Updated on Modine Wiki

In case you hadn't checked the Matthew Modine wikipedia entry yet this morning, our Rad II trailer is now listed.

Which means when third grade kids do book reports on The Joker they can take a quick break to get juiced up by a training montage set to a Teen Wolf hoops track including lyrics such as:

I stood empty handed
Like a seagull stranded
Watching all the other seagulls soar

I was blinded by the pain
Running wild through the rain
In a parody of ecstacy

I was inches from the edge
Fingers clinging to the ledge again
I never thought I'd win

Win in the end
I'm gonna win in the end
Win in the end
I'm gonna win in the end

I am stronger than they think
They can force me to the brink again
But now I know I'll win (in the end son)

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Anonymous said...

America! Fuck Yeah!