September 12, 2007

Tonight We Dance With Lasers

Quite a rowdy lineup tonight from the TaxLo folks at Sonar with a cockfight between Bonde do Role, Ponytail, Plastic Little and "special guests."

"Bonde Do Role is a bunch of cute, feisty kids from southern Brazil who like boobs and are inspired by the Funk Bailes in Rio, which are basically murderous indoor games of Capture the Flag set to beats and piles of cocaine. The music is super bouncy and the girl sounds like she’s chanting cute jump-rope rhymes until your Portuguese-speaking friend walks in the room and starts cracking up and you’re like, “What’s so funny?” That’s when your friend tells you that the singer just said: “I was at a party/ And I saw a whore/ I put my tongue in her ___hole/ And my tongue came out all dirty.” And you’re like “HAHAHA! Hi, favorite new band.” - Vice

Party jumps off at 9 with Plastic Little. What's the jump off? It's when your worst enemy's momma gets beat down by ninjas at disney world.

Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Tabacco XXXChange Remix
Ponytail - Lion Down

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