September 13, 2007

Baltimore Bangers n' Brazilian Baile!

Surprise performances from MC Spank Rock = cash money lightning. In this quick clip Baltimore native Naeem Juwan helps get the baile kids from Bonde do Role ready for the show, then Marina spits some Portugese for us re: Daft Punk and Afrika Bambatta, then everyone sings about Dwight Schrute:

When it was all said and done the guests included Ponytail, Plastic Little, Spank Rock, Bonde do Role, and even dirty dancing cameos by Johnny from The Death Set. If you have a chance to see Plastic Little, do - homeys laid it down like a glass carpet even during sober hour. Spank stepped in for a few dick joke songs then dropped his own solo set with mad decent bongo players, following Baltimore municipal regulations by performing at least half of the set in the crowd. Thanks to Josh Sisk for the photos.

Marina stole the show (e nossos corações) with her sweaty trampoline bounce and a filthy lyrical assault. Pretty sure at one point she drilled Portugese derenger rounds over Europe's The Final Countdown, so. Plus there's just something about a feisty Brazilian bomber in black spandex, heavy eyeliner and a Slayer shirt that works for us on multiple levels. Props to the Taxlo folks and Emily Rabbit for keeping it solid steel, tonight they come back with Spank Rock DJs Devlin and Darko.

See more Flickr sets here and here.

Bonde do Role - Solta O Frango
Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (President Eutl remix feat. Page Rock)
Spank Rock Girls and Boys (Original)
Plastic Little - The Jump Off

You can preview and download the entire Plastic Little set here courtesy of Jeff Mewbourn aka the Baltimore Taper.

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Anonymous said...

Pharrell looks like the white chick farted.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, that's not Pharrell...

Z said...

thank you anon 1:42 I was starting to think we'd have to step in.