September 5, 2007

Watch The White Kids Loosen Up

This midweek underground freakout brought to you San Fran's favorite psych-rock quartet Wooden Shjips. The extra j is just there and we ask that you let it be.

Dance, California:

Zagat-like press materials cite them as having hints of krautrock, desert-fried garage psych, dance drone and trance-inducing organ haze, and we fully agree, so, way to get that "sounds like" part out of the way for us. And not that Rolling Stone is relevant to music, or has been for more than a decade, but David Fricke likes these cats too, and we respect that cat.

Don't confuse these guys with the jazz flute band Old Wooden Ships who had several hits off their debut album "Diversity" in San Diego, early 70s.

Enjoy a brown tab off their newest EP:

Wooden Shjips - We Ask You To Ride

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1 comment:

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Hope you're reading this Rolling Stone, because it's this simple - I've read my last issue. Recently, the content has become unbearable and many people who have long given up are the same people who been trying to tell me about the demise for months now. This week, it reached the tipping point. The new issue’s cover speaks for itself.

I no longer understand who the audience is. Do those who subscribe to Rolling Stone really know or care about the lead from High School Musical, and mainstay on the Disney Channel? Understandably, this kid has the 8-year olds wrapped around his fingers, but how many of them subscribe to Rolling Stone? Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a supporter of the next person when it comes to future of our Country, but what does this have to do with Rock N’ Roll.

What I can guarantee you is that even if they had Bebban from Shout Out Louds or better yet, Lovefoxxx in an exclusive naked spread, I still wouldn’t open the pages.

If Mick Jagger was not still alive, he’d be rolling over in his grave. My advise, take a SPIN on some new reading materials, or better yet, keep following your favorite music blogs. At least you know what you’re getting.

Maybe they will have the Pussy Cast Dolls featured next month...