October 18, 2007

Crystal Method vs. Uffie

DC dubstep DJ Dan Amitai (aka Smooth Henry for those in the underworld) dropped a rather pleasant Uffie/Crystal Meth mix recently that goes splendidly with any Kellogg's, Post or General Mills breakfast products.

Crystal Method vs. Uffie - Over The Glock

And while it's Dan time, here's another mix from this month:

Retrospect vs. Amitai Part 4
stereolab - contronatura (kid loco’s prelude to the autumn of a faun mix)
miles grayson - stuck in the mud
david bowie - sound and vision
blowfly - too fat to fuck
fans- roly poly mickey lolich
detroit city limits - 98 cents
smiths - golden lights
crystal method - over the line
uffie - pop the glock
federation - rusty james (portishead remix)
stereolab: microlab: endless summer
the police - deathwish
meat beat manifesto - spinning around
new order - mesh

Get mas beats at his blog or the Freeform DJ Collective dojo.


MILPOOL said...

Thanks for the mention, friends!

MILPOOL said...

I want to clarify that the "retrospect vs. amitai" series is actually a tag-team effort with me and (you guessed it) dj retrospect... don't think he has an online presence though. he's OLD SCHOOL (uses real vinyl records and everything!)

Shaft XXL said...

Well Dan, I'm impressed. You are all over some cyberspace. Not only can you find the craziest stuff on the net, your friends can also find you when they randomly google Uffie, lmao. See you sunday?

Unknown said...

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