November 12, 2007

This Week: Baltimore Bands Invade Baltimore!

Bmore artists playing local shows over the next seven days include, but are not limited to: Dan Deacon, Videohippos, Ponytail, Monarch, Thrushes, Ecstatic Sunshine, Jones, Shields, Height, Double Dagger, Thank You, Tall Grass, Television Hill and The Heavycoats. Here's a super quick rundown:

Dan Deacon - Snake Mistakes
Videohippos - Kool Shades
Height - Bad Weather

Shields - Boom
Jones - Too Dope

Ecstatic Sunshine - Little Big Dipper
The Tall Grass - Ring and Ring
Ram Ones (Dan Deacon and Connor Kizer) - Portals

Also at The Talking Head:
Saturday 11/17 - Thrushes and Bang! Bang!
Thrushes - Into The Woods
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At The Ottobar:
Tuesday 11/13 - VHS or Beta, Moving Units, The Heavycoats
The Heavycoats - Sea Song (link from Instrumental Analysis)

Wednesday 11/14 - Melt Banana, Hex Machine, Double Dagger, The Jons
Double Dagger - The Psychic

Monday 11/19 - Black Dice, Pissed Jeans, Ponytail and WZT Hearts
Ponytail - Lion Down

At Lo-Fi Social Club:
Monday 11/19 - Monarch, Oppenheimer
Monarch - Please Concrete

So which ones are you going to? All of them? And you ate a whole wheel of cheese?


Anonymous said...

So many to choose from! I'd love to check out Monarch on 11/19, but no way can you miss the Ottobar show with Ponytail, WZT Hearts and Pissed Jeans...the 11/16 show at Floristree with Ecstatic Sunshine and Thank You is the show of the week! Or maybe the show of the week is that 11/14 Ottobar show with Double Dagger and Hex Machine? I'll be there too. Another kick ass show you fail to mention is 11/15 at Fletchers with Bossman, Ogun and Skarr (motherfucking) Akbar! Baltimore hiphop/rap! But you're right, ALOT of killer shows this week and next.

Z said...

that may be true. right now for me it's looking like Jones/Shields then Ectsatic/Thank You then Broken Social Scene at Sonar on Friday, topped by the standard never on sunday 3am run, if that's humanly possible. Then Monarch on Monday because I've never seen them live non-acoustic.