November 9, 2007

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 18

Was going to put some motivational stuff up here about how it's the weekend, get ready with these beats, etc. but then sweet beard of Zeus I found the best video ever on YouTube ever (said ever twice on purpose).

Yelle - ACDG

We like the guy on the left that just kind of stands there looking cool next to the E. Must post another one, but this time with more neon lollipops.

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir

This one's like a dart gun hidden in the toilet:
Yelle - Mal Poli
More Yelle

Additional beats, in order from most to least chill:

The Incredible Moses Leroy - Color of Sky
The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow
100dbs Aphex Twin Mashup - Breathe and Stop Using Homemade Polysynths
100dbs Aphex Twin Mashup - Harder, Better, Faster, Self-Employed
Beck - Timebomb

Show love to 100dbs. If you're in NYC you need to catch him live.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the love..

actually, i'll be in maryland nov 17th for a party in college park!

Anonymous said...

ugh, damn anonymous shit. that was me, dbs.

slinky said...

so i went to 100dbs's website to listen to all of his aphex twin mashups and i have to say that i am unimpressed. anyone can just drop an acappella over the top of an afx track. and when the originals are amazing minus the vocals, why bother? afx certainly doesn't need the publicity. don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to attack 100dbs, his other stuff might be great, but the internet doesn't need any more dodgy mashups.