December 11, 2007

Lesser Gonzalez, Super Copters

A few weeks ago Bmore resident Lesser Gonzalez quietly released a collection of instant-appeal acoustic folk jamz called "Why Is Bear Bellowing?" and then, judging by the fruit shadow, sat down around 3:30pm to eat what looks like an apple and maybe several oranges/papayas. Since we take all press photos seriously, what does this mean? What is the significance of these fruits, in these exact quanities, at this exact time of day? Was someone else going to sit in the empty chair to help eat the fruit, but they bailed, leaving Lesser with more?

And what does any of this have to do with the hit 1984-86 action series Airwolf? How did all of the evil dictators and wicked scientists on this show also have their own advanced battle helicopters?

Lesser Gonzalez - Narwhal Horn

No word on where you can buy the album yet, but we'll let you know if any local show plans surface. Thanks to Wham City/Important Comics collaborator Dina Kelberman for the tip. Check her out here for some animated holiday animation.

Also in what is possibly one of the most clutch moves of all time, we're offering the full, three-minutes-of-glory version of the Airwolf theme (Percee P and Diamond D, you're welcome) plus the hot intro sequence. Recommended activities whilst listening to this song include: aggressive teeth brushing, aggressive sandwich making, jumping across rooftops, or maybe combine two of those at once.

Airwolf Theme Son!

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