December 11, 2007

Shake That Gingerbread Latte

You don't plan on joining the corporate cog, you're above that of course, but hand stamps and Stellas must be financed. Bigger dreams and all. So but right now you're a contemptster intern at a law firm. On Wednesday mornings, like most others, you sort mail.

At the risk of appearing like a total wad, you've chosen to make a personal statement by wearing earbuds during these sorting hours. Time goes by more quickly, you avoid awkward social interaction, everyone wins. And even if your snickering, conformist coworkers can't actually hear the music, they can read it in your face; in your cocksure swagger and adept three-handed shuffling of interoffice memos and presorted spam. Hallway or runway? No difference here. You think they think you're projecting cool, when in fact you are most certainly a total wad.

Virgins - Rich Girls
Mgmt - Electric Feel

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