January 5, 2008

Goodtimes Goodtimes

Invite this man to the campfire, but be warned your game will suffer.

That's alt/pimp/folk at it's best. Not sure if he's coming stateside anytime soon, but look for our boy Franc to melt the hearts of many a UK-based yoga instructor in 2K8 operating as Goodtimes Goodtimes. Florida Evans would be proud.

Goodtimes Goodtimes - Kids (studio version)

You can buy/sample his debut album Glue on iTunes and check out his other happenings here.


goodtimes goodtimes said...

hey thanks for the post! am planning to go over in february to new york to do some shows & still waiting on SXSW so if that works out there'll be a nice little road trip movie too! ..only the small matter of the plane flight to fix!
take it easy

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Oh Goodtimes. Glad you shared this with us, bought it over the weekend after the plug here.