January 5, 2008

Wye Oak (formerly Monarch) Play Skee-Ball, Sign To Merge

A hearty congrats to Bmore residents and Butter Team faves Wye Oak, formerly Monarch, who recently signed to Merge and will re-release their outstanding full length debut If Children with a bit more indie muscle.

Wye Oak - Warning

If you were wondering about the name change, "Monarch" was already used by a bunch of other bands and the new name is a shot out to the honorary Maryland state tree, so. People just don't name drop their favorite trees enough and we applaud this move (also would have accepted Baby Superstore, Sans Pants, or Super Tight Blazers).

You can catch Andy and Jenn at The Talking Head on 1/17, or see our November interview along with some live stuff here. Maybe R. Kelly will return their calls now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Will...in case anyone's just now jumping on the Monarch/Wye Oak bandwagon, I reposted the two live shows I taped back in October (feel free to use any on your blog):


Anonymous said...

Super Tight Blazers..... real tight.