January 21, 2008

Jukebox the Ghost and Bellman Barker at Black Cat 1/26

Heads up on a wonder twin weekend show that promises to scramble wigs indiscriminately - Jukebox the Ghost and Bellman Barker (above) play the chocolate meow this Saturday. Lesser blogs might call this show a collection of DC's indie darlings, but we would never say something like that. What if Ghostface is reading?

Jukebox the Ghost - Hold It In (link via Instrumental Analysis)
Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day (via IA)
Bellman Barker - Molly Maroon
Bellman Barker - Two Bees

And a quick flashback with Buffalo Tom playing the night before - BT were Boston's indie darlings back in the late 80s/early 90s before their popularity and self-worth peaked with a pole position on the My So-Called Life soundtrack (although we prefer MSCL's German Degrassi/teen situation comedy equivalent, Mein Leben Ich). Oh Wolke Hegenbarth, the vicarious shenanigans you managed to get us all into.

Buffalo Tom - Velvet Roof


Baby Gorilla said...

Did you know that musticians have magical powers in their mustaches? Seriously, ask John Oates, he's making a cartoon about the subject.

If I had a mustache power, I'd want it to be invisible...

Michael said...

I'll be at the BB/Jukebox show representing IA. Not sure who else from the crew is coming.