January 1, 2008

A Note From Daniel James (Canon Blue)

"The story goes that in the old days, during the winter solstice, all the oceans in the world would lay calm and the bad weather would subside. It was then that the kingfisher bird would fly out into the open sea to build its nest and lay its eggs, believing they would hatch in time before the waves began to rise again. This time came to be known as the halcyon days.

The Halcyon EP was recorded in my bedroom during the month of November 2007. Winter always seems to be a more creative time for me, and the sudden cold and slower pace that was settling in over Nashville provided a welcome excuse to stay inside and work. A few friends came by as well, each with their own special sounds from cellos to horns to live drums, adding new colors to the mix.

This EP, for me, is a way to reflect on yet another year quietly slipping by, enjoying the present stillness of a Tennessee winter, and looking forward to what is coming up over those yon there hills. I hope you are to able find something in it too. Thanks for listening..."

Download the four-track Halcyon EP here; we included one song below to explain why you should do this.

Canon Blue - Ennui

Big ups to James for sharing some perfect winter music with everyone. Visit his MySpace to say thanks.

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