February 20, 2008

How Big Is It Going Down?

As Mickey Free from the B says, it's going down real big. Couple updates - first, local beatsmith Shields is prepping his debut album/mixtape A Beyond Experience Vol. 1 for a spring drop date, he says it's "on some go walk in the park style." Fresh sample below with more details later.

Shields - Dip Trip

Jones, Height, The Plural MC, PT Burnem, and Bow n' Arrow are playing a Rap Round Robin show at the Current Gallery this Saturday - Jones says "all the acts will be set up at the beginning, each playing a song in turn until all have played four songs. One long mega-set, multiple PAs." This sounds filthy, don't miss it. If anyone can take some decent pics or video and share with us afterwards that would be tops. Directions here.

Height - Bad Weather

PT Burnem - Heart Beat

The Plural MC/Frenemies - Rap Tornado (Miami Nice)

Jones - Too Dope

Bow n' Arrow - Cybersex

The irony potential for Devlin & Darko wearing these shirts is layered and complex, so approach with caution. Is it for serious? And who just made guacamole? Answers to these questions and more can be found at the Fully Fitted blog where semi-local celeb contributors including Pase Rock, xxxchange, Mr. Devlin and Ronnie Darko argue which Mad Max movie was the tightest and occasionally share music, like this sneak leak from their upcoming Fully Fitted EP.

Mad Decent/Fully Fitted - 100 Million

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