February 28, 2008

Taste The Acoustic Rainbow

Although various heady jams that would appear on In Rainbows trickled out several years prior, including "Arpeggi" and "House of Cards" in 2005, the first taste came with Thom Yorke's breathtaking solo acoustic encore "Big Ideas" on the last night of their 2003 tour supporting Hail to the Thief. Of course this stripped-down version later became "Nude" - and the fact that Radiohead can sit on songs this good for that long makes you wonder what's in the vault.

Radiohead - Big Ideas (Nude - acoustic live 12/4/03)

Thom Yorke - Reckoner (acoustic live on Johnathan Ross)

While we're on big ideas, LCD Soundsystem offers a new suburban treadmill motivator via the 21 soundtrack arriving 3/14, per usual James Murphy builds steam using only handclaps and a grain of salt.

LCD Soundsystem - Big Ideas


Anonymous said...

Actually, Nude was first played in Tokyo in Jan. 1998. Thom solo then, too. (It was almost on OK Computer.) They played a sort of Al Green soul version in NY later that year.

Z said...

thanks huge radiohead nerd that's outstanding

Anonymous said...

yes, we're all much better off thanks to that little nugget of "wisdom". twat.

Anonymous said...

i only see one twat on this page

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, check out my remix if you get a chance:

Radiohead - Nude (Minty Fresh Remix)