March 24, 2008

The Ghosts of the Renderers

Although band comparisons and "sounds likes" usually work well because both readers and writers are lazy, there's not much merit in comparing, say, the lo-fi folk of Bmore's Beach House to Mazzy Star's early 90s dream pop. But if we're discussing bands that float along to their own blissed-out crystal persuasion, New Zealand's 90s underground staples The Renderers certainly deserve a seat at the table.

The Renderers - Million Lights

The Renderers are so old school it's tough to find many pictures or details, but the psychedelic southern twang and fuzz of "A Million Lights" (featured on a 1994 Merge compilation) is enough to classify them as kindred spirits of Bmore's Beach House. But like Mazzy Star, they approach failing relationships more directly ("If we've had the last good day between us, it must have been a long time ago") whereas Vic from Beach House might just be walking with a ghost.

Beach House - Apple Orchard (from Beach House)

Mazzy Star - Flowers in December (from Among My Swan)

Favorite Mazzy Star song? It's by the Chemical Brothers.

Chemical Brothers - Asleep From Day (feat. Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star) (from Surrender)

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Anonymous said...

asleep from day is the best song ever! try napping in the park with it