March 25, 2008

M83 - Kim & Jessie (Donnie Darko version)

Last week's BT masterpizzle theatre paired the diamondy brilliance of Cut Copy's Far Away with our favorite VHS teen bike challenge. Tonight we match a track from M83's forthcoming LP Saturdays = Youth with wormholes and Sparkle Motion, as frontman Anthony Gonzalez says the record tackles how it feels to be dazed, confused and 15 years old. You might call this version "Gretchen & Donnie" -

M83 - Kim & Jessie

Create your own predestination paradox by buying this album before it actually comes out. By the way don't watch that video if you haven't seen Donnie Darko yet as it will scramble your wig.

Also note M83 crew do the chocoloate meow in DC on 6/7 - live setup includes Gonzalez on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Loic Maurin on Drums, Pierre-Marie Maulini on bass and guitar and featured album vocalist Morgan Kibby on vocals and keys. Everyone wear a gray hoodie instead of a black one!

More Donnie Darko beats.


Jesse said...

Boo! Video says it's no longer avail. Is there a way to get a copy of this in .flv or another format?

Jesse said...

n/m, for some reason it's working again. good job on this btw, very cool.

Jesse said...

Crap, now it's not working again. So yeah, can you make this available in maybe another format? Or at least not through YT?