March 11, 2008

Dope House Show This Saturday

Picking up where 2001's House Party 4 left off (if you can even consider it part of the series without Kid 'n Play), Small Sur's Bob Kielsun is stepping it up large with another all-acoustic Bmore brown bag crib jam. But instead of tossing donations in a bike helmet, this time you'll be able to support the artists - Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Small Sur, Andy Abelow and Anup Kishore Pradhan - with a $5 entry fee. Wear ninja shoes, bring your own beard, and read the egg for clues on how to get there (or email us).

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez - Mostly A Friend

Small Sur - The Kelp (live at Current Canyon Fest)

Andy Abelow - While You Were Sleeping

Anup Kishore Pradhan - Hidden Nature Is Secret God

Be sure to check the last show with audio from Wye Oak, Ben and Bruno and more.

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