March 10, 2008

What Activities Should You Participate In Tomorrow?

Mick from The Dance Party told us they are going to be rocking the f* out at Ottobar tomorrow (previous DP coverage here) . DC folks can also catch them on 4/12 at R&R Hotel w/ DJ Eliot Spitzer (not really, but how money would that be).

The Dance Party - A-List

Tuesday night also brings the first of what we hope becomes a series - a Beatbots party at Vice! This is the old Fletcher's joint (701 S. Bond St. Fells Point), according to this superbad flyer you will enjoy punk shit/weirdo jams/psych w/ no cover while staring at Amen Bmen's 70s boobs.

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting a blog that covers the best of 70s boobs. Thanks for your support and appreciation of the baby feeders.