April 22, 2008

Greatest City in America Also Has Best Music Scene

Rolling Stone (fee-based print version of E!) has proclaimed Baltimore "Best Scene" of 2K8!

In addition to having lots of alternative bros, zero hot chicks, and TV's most popular fictional violent crime drama based on a real city's ridiculously high violent crime, insiders say Bmore got the nod for being home to Dan Deacon, Beach House, Spank Rock, Wham City/Dan Deacon, Rad II, Tori Amos, Animal Collective, Double Dagger, Dan Deacon's side project Butt Stomach AND several rock clubs/diners/music stores. So technically you can go buy an album, then go see a band, then eat way past regular dinner time somewhere at a "post-show hangout" all in the same night, or at least that's how the Rolling Stone crew rolls when they roll through here.

I really liked the article describing how cool Baltimore was, just wish it could have been shorter. 157 words? Blah blah blah, just get to the point. We could have summed it up in seven: lots of alternative bros, bicycles, falafel something.

Should someone start a DIY zine about Baltimore's fierce music scene? Or do we need a local hipster Zagat celebrity blogger to cover all of the underground shows, and should that blogger be us, sponsored by American Apparel? Until that happens for serious will you send us a few homemade American Apparel banners so we can get started?* Maybe just show some unidentified skin folds and a tube sock, you can go for skyscraper 105x350 or premium header 1024x120.

*We really will run your damn homemade banners, get started

Among Wolves - Baltimore (from Among Wolves)

Buttermore mixtape 1
Buttermore mixtape 2


Baby Gorilla said...

People still read Rolling Stone?

The 3 A's said...

Recreational activity is to senior homes as worthy subject matter is to butterteam.

Anonymous said...

rolling stone is just a website now, right? i mean, they don't actually print that big magazine anymore, i think. i havent seen that thing in years, when did they exactly stop printing it???

Z said...

it is a web site, but they mainly do album reviews by vodcast so you don't have to read anything

Mr.Devlin said...

ok so.i..this song is really cool. all BeachBoys/Panda Bear influence aside, i like it!!!

...TNow i dont normally do this but!!!!

the thing that pisses me off is all this mixtape talk. i click on the link and there aint no mixtape.. I want a mix tape. !!!! do we have to make one together to have it happen.COMEON!!

this blog is pretty great (way better than ours) but where are these promised mixtapes...all i see is tracklisting and muxtapes. WTF is MUXTAPE....i hope that website impolodes.

Demonic Sweaters said...

If Baltimore is the best music scene in the USA we're are living in a truly sad day in this country.