April 22, 2008

Richmond/Roanoke: Rolling Stone's 2K9 Best Music Scene?

Have a look at this beautiful Sad Cobras t-shirt. It was last scene being awesome in someone's dresser/drawer which is where it is right now being awesome as usual. It's about the most beautiful tee in the whole world and uses expensive laundry detergent and dryer sheets all the time. Whoever owns this shirt is more relevant than you are, for sure. Whoever owns this shirt just sold their turntables and bought guitars to make something real.

First Hot Lava soaked us in grape baking soda and GI Joe anime, now VA's Sad Cobras are killing it as highly-trained dancepunk pipettes on crank and we are so excited, we are so scared. Fortunately medical care is a popular topic throughout.

The Sad Cobras - Bernice

The Sad Cobras - Body Cast

Homeys are in a Roanoke roll deep crew called the Magic Twig Community that we'll be infiltrating soon - but what you need to know immediately is that MTC cohorts Boys Lie are also crescenfresh and will be performing with Hot Lava on Sunday 5/11 in Bmore. Why is this on a Sunday?

Boys Lie - In Your Eyes

Hot Lava - JPG in the Sun


Greg Szeto said...
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Anonymous said...

richmond/ronaoke is a match made in heaven.