April 18, 2008


1. After completing our annual survey of third graders from Butterfield Preparatory School in Lombard, IL, 2K8's most awesome combo animal would be an "eagle tigerwolf" which narrowly beat three-year incumbent "shark riding on an elephant."

2. The students also used beakers and schematics to determine the most awesome pop songs are exactly two minutes and forty-two seconds. Nice try, young asshats, but the perfect song is exactly 2:30 - crisp and clean, 4 to a Hamilton, 12 for every episode of Just the Ten of Us. See:

Shuggie Otis - Ice Cold Daydream (from Inspiration Information)
Beach Boys - That's Not Me (from Pet Sounds)
Madvillain - Raid feat. Medaphoar (from Madvillainy)
Zombies - Nothing's Changed (from Decca Stereo Anthology)
Beach Boys - That's Not Me (from Pet Sounds)
Bonde do Role - Office Boy (from With Lasers)

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