May 11, 2008

About That "Stress" Video

Videographer/new wave documentarian Romain Garvas and his Kourtrajmé crew are expanding our grasp of France's often overlooked socioeconomic struggles. A largely African artist collective bent on expressing the French minority experience via film, Kourtrajmé was a solid choice to raise pulses and questions with Justice's "Stress."

(or you can watch it on black screen here)

Justice - Stress (from )

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Punk Photo schooled us on where this filming style - a combination of cinéma-vérité, post war neoitalian realism, Clockwork Orange and The Warriors - was born.


Anonymous said...

Brutal but poignant piece of musical art.

Anonymous said...

whenever you wake up late for work put this song on to get ready at 2x speed! it works.