May 12, 2008

Cut Copy Dream Sequence + Black Kids Bonus Beats

Cut Copy comes to Baltimore in less than a week - how are you supposed to get any sleep with a show like this just around the corner? Try listening to this specially-prepared Butter Team sampler fusing various intro/outro sequences together from In Ghost Colours. We can't offer this for download so just move the computer next to your head/the bed. Add seagulls and paprika for a soothing seaside effect.

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours Dream Sequence

The Black Kids on Cut Copy:

"Imagine that you've spent the past ten years of your life playing in unremarkable bands. One day, you awake to find you are no longer unremarkable. Pundits and bloggers hail you as remarkably awesome or remarkably shit. You just go with it. Along the way, someone asks if you want to 'co-headline' a tour with a group you admire. This is a joke - this pretense of co-headlining (because they are awesome and you are not) - but you eagerly say, 'Yes, PLEASE.' Shortly after you've agreed to tour with these guys, they release In Ghost Colours. You realize that this is the record of the year and that you will get to witness it live EVERY NIGHT. You - helplessly, appropriately - wig out."

Black Kids - Hurricane Jane (Beige Remix)

Kate Nash - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Black Kids cover)


Anonymous said...

this is still set for the club stage at sonar right?

Z said...

yes, fingers crossed.

Ruben said...