June 11, 2008

Hip Hop From Scratch

Bmore's Dan Keech (aka Height) and Bob Jones have been making music together for close to ten years through various projects, and they recently found a new production playground to take it up a notch at SnowGhost, an independent studio on Whitefish, Montana. SnowGhost sessions allow artists to record as much as they can handle over a few days in the studio, play a show in town in front of a small-town crowd, and have their performances (and everything else) documented online through film and high-quality recordings.

Accompanied by newfound collaborator King Rhythm, Height and Jones took full advantage of the studio and instruments to capture some uncommonly sweet sounds for their tracks - chopping up samples in Reason and using the hip hop standard-issue Akai MPC while building samples and sounds from scratch with drums, bass, and guitar.

It's a strong new direction for the crew; you can hear (and buy) the session tracks from SnowGhost, and look for Height + Jones in Bmore a few times next month including Whartscape.

Height w/ Jones & King Rhythm - Laserbeams (sample only)


Anonymous said...

Did you catch their show at the old Talking Head back in April? I had seen Height and Jones, both of whom are excellent, but this was my first time with King Rhythm...he's good, really good! I love this trio project and hope they do some Baltimore shows this summer.

Z said...

didn't, but he's got Bmore shows on July 11, 12 and 18 (whartscape) so pretty sure I'll actually be able to hit one up