June 11, 2008

'Til the Night Closes In

We were going to make a second Cougar Muxtape and then realized the Happy Gilmore soundtrack is a Cougar muxtape, only available in the popular compact disc format. So crack open the cold gold with Kansas, move things onto the chaise lounge with Exile (pretty intense video below), then close the deal with Lionel.

Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son

Exile - Kiss You All Over

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross - Endless Love

Who hurt you, Lionel? So tender, so raw.

Backup bonus track for extended play - "We've Only Just Begun" as performed by Carl Weathers. And instead of giving her a hockey jersey to wear the next morning, class things up with a Cosby sweater.


Anonymous said...

The 70s and 80s yielded a hotbed of musical geniuses, but I can't believe how ugly the members of Exile were. And zero rhythm, but I still love the song. Makes me feel I'm seven again, wearing striped tube socks up to my kneecaps, riding my Green Machine and wishing I had Wonder Twin powers. RW, the Burg, PA

Z said...

I like the main guy's haircut, how they just sort of cut out the bangs around his eyes so he can be trendy but with excellent vision.

Anonymous said...

He scares me!!!!