June 17, 2008

I Still Wanna Punch You If You Let Me

Woooooo - someone remixed/covered the already-classic Muscles pubhouse jam "Sweaty" without ruining it! Indeed, 17-year old Melbourne whiz Shazam managed to maintain existing levels of peace, love, ecstasy, unity + respect all whilst flipping vocal chromosomes. But none of that applies when you're clocking Julies in the grill:

Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam Rmx)

Speedos and mustaches may be huge this summer, but putting watermelon in your trunks for the party pix guy isn't avant-garde.

Shazam - Pool Party

via Mod Blog


Anonymous said...

loving this.

Anonymous said...

Shazam is 21 and he's from Perth, not Melbourne.
It's funny how these ages get younger and younger through chinese whispers! I'd heard Bobmo was 18 and when he played at a club last month he told me 22.I guess it's a much cooler story.

Anonymous said...

hahaha hes 18 dumbass