June 16, 2008

Walkmen 4.0

Our January interview with Hamilton Leithauser broke some details about their fourth LP and new label, which Pitchfork announced will be titled You & Me and scheduled for release via Gigantic Music on 8/19. Based on the first few track titles, we can only hope they're bringing in another fiesta-themed opener a la "Louisiana."

01 Dónde Está la Playa
02 Flamingos (for Colbert)
03 On the Water
04 In the New Year
05 Seven Years of Holidays (for Stretch)
06 Postcards From Tiny Islands
07 Red Moon
08 Canadian Girl
09 Four Provinces
10 Long Time Ahead of Us
11 The Blue Route
12 New Country
13 I Lost You
14 If Only It Were True

Check out a few live versions of the new songs here.

The Walkmen - Rue the Day (from Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone)

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