July 15, 2008

I don’t want you to get drunk, but that’s a very expensive glass of Chardonnay you’re not drinking

If you've a penchant for decadent hedonism, Valentino suits, Ian Curtis, honey-almond body scrub and Kraut Disco you may enjoy France's Poni Hoax.

Halberstram just loaned us their Images of Singrid compact disc, produced by Joakim and only recently receiving US distribution via Tigersushi, and it's top gear. Think Bret Easton Ellis with a bassline.

Poni Hoax - Antibodies

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Baby Gorilla said...

It seems logical because Marcus also works at P&P and in fact does the same exact thing I do and he also has a penchant for Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples glasses. Marcus and I even go to the same barber, although I have a slightly better haircut.