July 14, 2008

Spank Rock is tentatively scheduled to be in your building this Sunday sometime between the hours of 12pm to 10pm

As we get closer to Whartscape's cash money lightning jumpoff, Chief Wham City whig Dan Deacon stirs the pot further by revealing a special annoucement via a serious of non-crytpic Interweb messages - Spank Rock MC Naeem Juwan will be performing in a collaborative superproject also including DD and Girl Talk's Greg Gillis this weekend at Whartscape (presumably Sunday afternoon).

Not sure when this will happen, but you can leave your cell phone number and a BT technician may or may not call you 30 minutes before it goes down.

Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (President Eutl Rmx)

Quoth Dan:

"In addition to my set and gregg's trey told em set on sunday july 20, at whartscape, gregg gillis (girltalk), naeem juwan (spankrock) and i (dan deacon) will be doing a joint set of all new material jams eternal.

gregg and i have been talking about doing a band together for some time and i'm really excited naeem is going to be a part of it for this rad first birth. hopefully our sick jams turn out sick. tickets are still available but close to selling out. getting tickets would be safer than just showing up. ok baltimore, see you soooooon"

Well that is just huge, as the Spank/Deacon combo Floristree set at last year's Whartscape was the highlight of the weekend (check that here).

Reader contest - What should this supergroup be named???

Special Whartscape prize for best entry (just leave them in the comments).

The rest of the afternoon lineup includes White Williams, Ponytail, Future Islands, Height, Double Dagger (!), Black Dice and more, so, your Sunday is fully fitted. You can tape Ninja Warrior.


Baby Gorilla said...

I will lend Baby Gorilla Noise to them...seems appropriate. Or something original, like Butthole Surfers. Wait, that''s taken too. Ok, try Dan Spanked A Girl.

Anonymous said...

How about "The Instruments" since none of them can play one.

Venus Loon said...

Aww, anonymous does not know how to play interwebz, or else they would know that Dan has a degree in music and plays tuba among other things.

It's so cute when parents let their kids use the computer.

Z said...

Also anon, I would argue that your mouth is an instrument.

Greg Szeto said...

wonder if the supergroup will be saturday?

Z said...

Naeem is scheduled to be in LA for another show on Saturday, so it will most likely be either late Sunday afternoon or night.

Anonymous said...

That Sunday outdoors show is gonna be the best of Whartscape...killer lineup from top to bottom. Don't snooze on Thrust Lab!