August 21, 2008

100dBs: Brenner's Breaks Vol. 2

It ain't hard to tell 100dBs was born for NYC - and Brenner's Breaks Vol. 2 is the College Park-via-Israel transplant's second study in dissecting and combining carbon layers of the city's 30-year hip hop history with a turntable lab coat. Mixing East Coast heavyweights like De La, Ghostface, Prince Po and Nas with fresh looseleaf from next gens Ryan O'Neil, Hicoup and Sirah, he's an underground hero the real heads can believe in, documenting the NY state of rhyme in real time.

100dBs - NYC Burn Rmx feat. Ryan O'Neil

Don't confuse this for a local's mixtape with the producer bigging himself up between each track. dBs has been building a name for himself with a wider web of influences and appeal, tapping into your childhood motherboard with spins from Nico, Sonic the Hedgehog, Aphex Twin, Lee Perry, Radiohead, The Kinks, Tony the Tiger, Serge Gainsbourg, The Zombies, etc. And it works, so pick up BBv2 via digi download now.

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photo courtesy of Amy Stein


Kinoko said...

that's the best photo ever!

Anonymous said...

Too bad as a person he's a total douche.