August 27, 2008

Beach House.TV

Great to see that not only is the Beach Heezy squad taking their music on the road this year, but people are filming and sharing it in crescenfresh ways. Here's "Holy Dances" via Pitchfork TV (holler at your boy Dan on the drums!)

"Heart of Chambers" performed at a faster clip in the back of a Black Cab - a great version with excellent video quality if you have the patience to let it load (I personally don't, but).

And you may remember four blog years ago when Alex and Vic wrote a special tune called "Norway" whilst on a train to Norway, which they then performed in the Norwegian train station for Norwegian TV:

Did you excel at your MICA Vincent Moon appreciation course? Are you buying an HD camcorder to be the Blogotheque of Bmore? Can you discern the difference between authentic raw video and crappy amateur video? (hint: HD). If so let us know, we'll arrange to get you filming privileges with the late night kitchen mic at Never on Sunday. I see Rye Rye spitting (not literally) over falafel and curly fries.

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Anonymous said...

how can such a Nordic city make them sweat?