September 5, 2008

BT Adventures Pt 1: Air Wolf

I began this Friday morning with the usual pre-work routine: eating a bowl of chocolate frosted sugar bombs n' watching episodes of 80s helicopter action series Air Wolf on mute whilst blasting Bmore MIDI tunes from Adventure. But today something strange happened: perfect harmony.

Holy crap right? That is definitely not the theme song for Air Wolf. That is the super rad Go! Team wet dream known as "Ultra Zone," the lead single from Addy's debut album out later this month via Carpark (you will have a chance to win a copy next week). Your head is still probably spinning with questions; let's try to answer a few:

I read a pamphlet at Red Emma's about an alleged underground conspiracy linking Air Wolf and Wham City artists, is this true?
Undoubtedly, but we can't discuss that here. We originally exposed this in connection with Lesser Gonzalez last December, and while mainstream media didn't pick up on it the rumors have only grown stronger since. As blog pressure continues, one day they will have to face up to it.

Where can I learn more about Adventure?
Several options, choose your own.

Ernest Borgnine looked so young and vibrant in Air Wolf, and yet that was 25 years ago. What's his secret?
Let's just say he's a staunch advocate of roughing up the suspect regularly.


Anonymous said...

what kind of sandwich is jean bruce scott eating?

Parlophone said...

I would also like to know what kind of sandwich that is. Does anybody know for sure?

Anonymous said...

that Ernest clip is unreal. Probably my favorite of the year so far.