September 8, 2008

Of Bobbies and Monsters

You've got two minutes free, yes? Then enjoy this deviously abridged pop tune (is the term electro even necessary any more) from Pipettes founder/guitarist Monster Bobby. MB is not affiliated, as far as we know, with the hit cartoon Bobby's World, although you're welcome to cruise around the crib in your tricycle to this.

With an unpolished touch of Junior Boys' "oonsdt oonsdt," highly relatable topics (drinking with you is fun, however we both seem to have work in the morning, which sucks) and a runtime that respects your busy schedule, there's really nothing to take issue with here.

Monster Bobby - Work in the Morning (from the forthcoming I Am A Pedestrian EP)

P.S don't you love how MySpace allows artists to express their quirky personal brand and sense of humor? For example, Monster Bobby won't be tied down by labels (either kind), which he proves by choosing "Christian Rap / 2-step / Grindcore" as his "sounds like" descriptors! Pretty sure that's really just a hearty wink to those of us in the know. I also feel included in his secretly sarcastic reference to Destiny's Child in the Influences list, unless that's for serious, in which case the joke is on all of us.

Either way, it's cool to appreciate a broad range of music styles. Everyone should have at least one "shocker" on their influences list that you can either earnestly defend or shrug off post-ironically. For me that's Ice-T, for others it might be Michael McDonald. And there's probably a third group out there that really likes their collaboration from the Judgement Night soundtrack.

Update: Bobby confirmed he does like Destiny's Child, which actually makes a whole lot of sense given the Pipettes's proclivity for effortless pop radio hits. My bad.

The Pipettes - I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells cover)


Anonymous said...

Dunno what you're talking about, mate. I love Destiny's Child.

Baby Gorilla said...

Personally, I live my life by Peabo Bryson.

Aladdin would have been nothing without him...

Anonymous said...

Man, did you guys discover HIPSTER RUNOFF in the past few weeks or something? Its been coming out in your writing more and more.

But srsly, don't mean nothin by it, love y'all.