September 11, 2008

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 27

This weekend is brought to you a day early by the folks at TaxLo, who offer one lucky Bmore reader two free tickets to:

- Feadz (Ed Banger records) this Saturday 9/13 at Sonar
- Tussle on 9/15 at Talking Head
- Midnight Juggernauts on 9/17 at Ottobar
- The Juan MacLean with Thrust Lab on 9/28 at Ottobar

To enter just email us with a convincing argument explaining why you should get all of this for free. Winner will be notified tomorrow around 5pm just in time to start popping off Stellas (locals only).

Update: Winner is Jackson F. Here's an abridged excerpt from his plea: "I'm writing you because I have no idea where else to turn. I have an affliction. You see, I need to dance. Yes, I know there are plenty in Baltimore who want to dance, those who feel compelled to go to every dance party they can. They love dancing. That is all well and good. But me? I need it. Without pounding bass and all manner of bleeps, bloops, and samples...I can't go please consider me as a candidate for this TaxLo Stimulus Package. I feel that I would be a worthy recipient. When I'm walking home early sunday morning and my friend rehashes the same old joke "Well, tonight a DJ saved your life," I hope to be able to stop him and say, "No, tonight it was a blog. Tonight, it was a blog."

Feadz - Cool as Feadz

Tussle - Night of the Hunter

Chromeo - Me & My Man (The Juan MacLean Rmx)

Midnight Juggernauts - Nine Lives

Thrust Lab - Magnum Opus

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