September 9, 2008

GZA's Eternal Drizzle

Fifth solo with GZA on the speak and RZA on the beat (mostly) finds more steady flows from the Grandpa shogun that fathered your style. He claims Pro Tools was a spontaneous title, but undoubtedly the Genius is nodding to how little help he needs in the studio - "just a beat with a continuous loop" - to rule the iron mic unquestioned. The insults on 50 Cent diss "Paper Plate" come through that much clearer without the extra noise: "Enough to make you vogue on the cover of GQ, only missing the sheer blouse, homey, you see-through." (A good follow-up line might have been, "Game, Computer Blue.")

GZA - Alphabets (from Pro Tools)

Buy it at Insound!

GZA performs Liquid Swords and flips a few new scripts at Bmore's Rams Head on Wednesday (9/10) and here at Irving Plaza on Friday. If you can't make either of those shows but still want a taste, email us to win a copy of Pro Tools and an autographed special edition poster (US residents only).

Speaking of Wu affiliate classics - RZA's back to work on Cuban Linx II and the new 100dBs joint includes a dope Supreme Clientele retwerk with your favorite Oxfordshire popsters (can you name that sample?)

Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy (100dBs Remix feat. DJ Far East)


Subservient Experiment said...

Pro Tools is definitely no Liquid Swords. Just goes to show Ghostface is the greatest of the Wu Tangers after all!!


Anonymous said...

any insult on Fiddy that he probably wouldn't understand without having it explained to him is ok in my book

Ben Brasso said...

Check out the original artwork...

Z said...

wow - glad they scrapped that.