September 17, 2008

Make Out Fallout!

I live down here in NYC's financial district and streets are just real right now. The Dow plunged more than 300 points this morning, the line at the falafel cart is really long, my grandparents' robot insurance premiums just went up and dudes are doing anything they can to take their minds off of the stressful conditions. Check this out:

On second thought, not hungry. Really hope we can get through this.

Love is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (The Bees Remix)

Of Montreal - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (Love is All cover)


Andrew McGill said...

One word: Therapy

Anonymous said...

This blog fucking rules, especially since it's from my hometown and the most charming city of them all.

Infrason said...

Thanks for these two tunes.

That's a great and nice 60s-sound blog !

houseoftrash said...

not hungry? therapy? I thought it was funny. where do you think you live, idaho? come on.

Z said...

personally I thought it was a clutch move. if there's an awards show for "behind the anchor shenanigans" these guys are cleaning up in 2K8