September 16, 2008

The Planisphere/Interstella 5555 Mystery

If you're enjoying the gothic medieval chamber pipes on Justice's "Planisphere Pt. 2," don't forget Daft Punk's similar, albeit less sinister ode to Darkwood Manor from Discovery and Interstella 5555.

Justice - Planisphere

Daft Punk - Veridis Quo

But there's "something about" these two jams beyond the fact that either would be dope themes for a Castlevania movie. And since "veritas quo" informally means "to the place of truth," let's find out!

A good starting point - the Interstella castle scene below, where the Crescendolls drive their Mystery Machine through the forest in the hopes of uncovering the secret weapon behind Earl de Darkwood's quest for intergalactic superdominance (Psst: notice the many astrological coordination instruments on his desk.)

Original scene:

In an attempt to use the Universal power of music to rule the universe, Darkwood is revealed as the "A&R guy behind the guy" throughout history's music and pop culture (not unlike Stephen King's Randall Flagg, or an ageless, alien Lou Perlman) with the power to enslave talent from the farthest reaches of any star, any constellation, at any time. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids.

Now here's the same clip from Interstella, slimmed down to two minutes and aligned to match with part 2 of Justice's Planisphere (which means "celestial plane").

Will the teens escape this maniac mansion? Did Ed Banger recruit Justice against their will from outer space, and if so, is this their secret cry for help?

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Justice = not worthy
Interstella = best movie ever

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this whole post rocks, every part of it! I was led here by hypem but I am going to start reading your blog more often! Good job (and PS I have a strong distaste for anime but I enjoyed this post because of the great personality you have! )