October 12, 2008

The Baltimore Round Robin Is Nigh

You heard about it a few months back, and this weekend the Bmore Round Robin is all up in our NYC kitchen. Here's the rub:

Friday's Eyes Night includes Beach House, Jana Hunter, Wzt Hearts, Nautical Almanac, Lexie Mountain Boys, and more, and puts the focus on "a mixture of folk, noise, theatrics, improvisation-- music that is spiritual, dreamy etc."

Saturday's Feet Night brings music that you dance, thrash, or otherwise move around to and includes the Death Set, Double Dagger, Videohippos, Future Islands, Adventure and Deacon himself.

10/​17 New York,​ NY Le Poiss​on Rouge​ - EYES NIGHT
10/​18 New York,​ NY Le Poiss​on Rouge​ - FEET NIGHT

BUY NYC TICKETS NOW (only 15 bucks for both nights, top that)

Download a rad Round Robin Comp CD for free here.

Fresh samples:
Adventure - Wild Wild Ride
Smart Growth - Extreme Ballin'
The Death Set -Moving Forward
Double Dagger - We Are The Ones
Future Islands - Old Friend
Height - Mother Earth (Theme from Showbeast)
Jana Hunter - Paint A Babe
Beach House - Gila
Dan Deacon - Wham City
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez - Mostly A Friend

And a message from Transportation Dept Mgr/folkstress Jana Hunter:

"For those of you interested in attending the Round Robin performances, there is this definite opportunity to get in sans paid ticket. We need oil to power our school bus. Bring us oil, get in free. Here are the details.

Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) is the stuff that restaurants have used in their fryers. Most restaurants discard this stuff in barrels or incredibly disgusting dumpsters somewhere near their trash dumpsters. If you ask them about it, most of them are more than happy to give this to you, given that they normally have to pay a company to haul it away for them.

We ask that you bring at least 10 gallons (this is not hard to find; decent-sized restaurants throw out avg 50 gallons/week) in order to secure a guest spot, but write me regardless if you are interested in this super deal. Write me, I will write you back, we will get it figured out."

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