October 9, 2008

Sketchy Arm (Take on Me Redux)

Every so often a video comes along - be it Boom Goes the Dynamite or The Hardy Boys: Mystery of the Mobile, AL Leprechaun - that scrambles your wig forever. This is not one of those videos, nor does it provide any updates on the Ball State women's softball team, but it certainly belongs in the deepest annals of excellence.

Witness "Take on Me" (also referred to as "Norwegian ear butter") re-rendered to literally explain everything you see during the original video. It's crescenfresh, it's easy for small children to understand, there's nothing not to like. As Matt at Fluxtumblr said, this is a concept that should be replicated again and again and again.

A-Ha - Take on Me

Do you hear that, Dust Films? It's the slowest slow clap ever attempted, in your honor, with a CPM acceleration curve that would shame even the cast members of Lucas, Can't Buy Me Love, One Crazy Summer, Dead Poets Society, Cool Runnings, and The Sarcastic Clapping Family of Southhampton. Well played sirs.


Greg Szeto said...

Kudos, gents. Great find.

Anonymous said...

GIRL TALK last night
hey will were you there
the show was amazing down at sonar

Anonymous said...

ahh love this. ridiculous.